KACAWA International Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. In the pioneering stage, KACAWA worked on OEM customized production for customers as main core value. Especially works with the American, Mexican, and European partners, KACAWA starts from Cooling System and manufactures Crankshaft, Pulley, Valve Plate, Oil Pump, Water Pump, Piston, and Liner.
In order to provide more value for customers, KACAWA has developed the R&D department and worked together with our worldwide partners. With more than 5000 item stocks in the warehouses, KACAWA is able to provide fast and more accurate ordering processing.

KACAWA applies qualified material and Aging Tester machine to ensure the quality of each single item. While the Cooling System works with KACAWA compressor parts, it could reach the same durable time compared to the origin product.
As a reputable manufacture, KACAWA devoted in producing Compressor aftermarket parts with stability and durability.